I having been modelling since 1988, this gives me many years personal experience as a model flyer. I am now bring you my online shopping bonanza.

With the absence of any Aeromodeling Suppliers in the Central Queensland area, in 2001 I hit on the idea of having a Mobile Model Supply Service for the local area. This progressed to a shop in Rockhampton, and now has expanded to a much larger shop with a large range of RC Model products, including Aircraft , Helicopters, Boats and Cars, Buggies etc. as well as an internet shopping experience.


With extensive experience in a wide range of aircraft types, from Pattern, Scale, Pylon, Gliders, Electrics, control line and even a flying Lawn Mower, and the vast improvement in helicopters, my enjoyment has always been in advising and helping others to get the most out of their modelling experience, both with electrics and glow powered models.

This WEB page now provides me with a new avenue to assist aircraft and helicopter pilots at all levels of experience, as well as drivers for on-road and off-road RC vehicles.